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How many details you don't know about hotel furniture customization?

May 20, 2021

Hotel furniture customization can achieve the purpose of saving space to a large extent, but it is not that the more you do, the higher the utilization rate will be. Because many customers are not professional enough and too confident, they purchase furniture according to the style of the network, which not only increases the cost and installation difficulty, but also makes the overall space uncoordinated.


So what details do you need to pay attention to when customizing hotel furniture?

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1. Hotel Furniture Customization is not as simple as imagined, blindly pursuing fashion, saving money, ignoring the use of hotel space and different living habits of guests will make the original dream disillusioned. In the process of hotel furniture customization, we must take the design scheme as the key research object. Adjust the special requirements of the actual space to maximize the use of space.

2. Simple modeling is more popular with modern people. The main principles of Dior hotel furniture customization are: practicality first, decoration second. Now the most important thing of hotel furniture is to be practical. When you buy it, you also pay great attention to its functionality. For most rooms with small area now, Those flowery and impractical furniture became the ornament that occupies an area undoubtedly. Nowadays, the hotel furniture is very popular, and can adapt to various styles and colors of the hotel or indoor environment. If you choose a set of colorful Hotel custom furniture, it can also add a warm and romantic to your life. Personalized customized hotel suite furniture design is very inclined to family, is a set of customized furniture favored by young people.

3. Appearance quality requires flat furniture table, fine workmanship, fine decoration, clear and beautiful texture. Guest room furniture usually uses particleboard, medium density fiberboard, blockboard, laminated board as the base material, and veneer, veneer and plywood as the covering material. Different base materials and cladding materials have different material characteristics. If we don't pay attention to the material characteristics and the correct use method, it often leads to the warpage of the plate. High end hotels even require the wood for furniture to be fireproof.